November 13, 2021

Common Slot Machine Superstitions

Superstitions and myths have been around since the birth of slot machines. Casino players are as superstitious as any typical person, maybe more so since they try to score big with a life-changing payout. Many players believe specific actions may improve their overall winning chances playing slots. With a visit to a land casino, you can observe people doing all sorts of unusual things like rubbing the screen or warming their coins. Playing on certain days is another belief, while some players wear ‘Lucky’ clothes. Slots seem to have a mystical appeal with many myths relating to them. We can dispel several slot myths as being outright ridiculous; however, some might just have some truth in them. Whether you are a skeptic or believer, here is some food for thought with 5 of the most commonplace slot machine superstitions.

1- Online Slots Are Rigged

Although more of a myth than a superstition, this misconception creates uncertainty, especially for players new to online slots. Moreover, some regular players avoid playing online in the mistaken belief that online slots are fixed to reduce your winning chances. This myth certainly does not hold any water and is likely more to do with players getting frustrated when they don’t win. The superstition is not real since land-based and online casinos operate with a gaming license strictly regulated by the authorities.

2- New Slots Pay Out Better

Another common misconception is that new slots provide better payout prizes to encourage players to try them out. The myth is perpetuated by the casinos to draw players to spend money playing them. In truth, no slots are rigged, either one way or the other. All slot machines are subject to strict standards. Moreover, every spin is random so that the first spin provides identical odds as the last. It is advantageous to play new slots at online casinos, however, as there are often promos, bonuses, free spins and other offers. By taking advantage of them, you get more value for your bucks.

3- Hot Slots

Perhaps the most widely held superstition is that a slot is ‘hot,’ therefore ripe to pay out of it hasn’t paid out in a while. You often see players at land casinos waiting for another to finish a session so they can take over in the mistaken belief it is due for a win, and the same works the other way round. If a slot has paid out a recent jackpot, it is unlikely to pay out again soon. As mentioned in point 2, every spin of the slot reels is an independent, random event unaffected by previous spins, which is the downfall in this argument. Online casinos cannot alter Random number generators.

4- Slot Machine Location & Playing Position

Casinos tend to place the slots with lower odds at the entrance of the place to attract customers just coming in. Although times have changed and casinos regularly rotate their locations, people persist in the belief that the location of the slot can indicate how well it pays.

Yet another unfounded superstition is that the odds may change whether you sit down or stand up. It originates from the notion that a machine can sense when you are too comfortable and cause you to lose! Some players even believe slots are watching them, and turning away causes it to pay more.

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