March 14, 2024

Online Slots That Pay 100,000x Your Stake

One reason why online slots are so exciting is because they can deliver big prizes. You could win a payout worth a large multiple of your stake. Of course, many online slots don’t even pay over 100,000x the stake. In these cases, you’ll need to place a large be to earn a windfall.

Why Are Slots with 100,000x Max Prizes So Popular?

Many gamblers like to dream big when playing slots online for real money. They hope to eventually win a life-changing amount of money. Of course, you need to play the right slots to chase life-changing prizes. Either that, or you’ll need to be a high roller who’s capable of placing big bets.

Here’s a look at how much you must wager with different maximum prizes to win $ million:


  • Maximum payout is worth 5,000x the stake
  • 1,000,000/5,000 = 200
  • You’d need to bet $200 per spin (most slots only go up to $100)


  • Maximum payout is worth 10,000x the stake
  • 1,000,000/10,000 = 100
  • You’d need to bet $100 per spin


  • Maximum payout is worth 20,000x the stake
  • 1,000,000/20,000 = 50
  • You’d need to bet $50 per spin


  • Maximum payout is worth 30,000x the stake
  • 1,000,000/30,000 = 33.33
  • You’d need to bet $33.33 per spin


  • Maximum payout is worth 50,000x the stake
  • 1,000,000/50,000 = 20
  • You’d need to bet $20 per spin


  • Maximum payout is worth 100,000x the stake
  • 1,000,000/100,000 = 10
  • You’d need to bet $10 per spin


  • Maximum payout is worth 150,000x the stake
  • 1,000,000/150,000 = 6.67
  • You’d need to bet $6.67 per spin

As seen above, a max prize worth 100,000x the stake doesn’t require you to wager nearly as much to win $1 million. You may still find $10 per spin to be a hefty investment. Even if you’re only willing to bet between $0.50 and $1, though, you can win between $50,000 and $100,000 at these stakes.

It’s not overly difficult to see why slots with 100,000x top prizes draw so much attention. They give you an opportunity to win a lot for a small investment.

Mobile Slots with 100,000x Max Payouts Are Rare

While games with max prizes worth 100k your bet are popular, they’re not overly common. Outside of the games covered later, few slots offer prizes worth anywhere near this amount. Every developer may have their own reasons for not featuring payouts this high. Some may want to provide more-consistent prizes rather than featuring a massive jackpot.

Others might not like the exposure they’ll be facing when offering 100k payouts. This is especially true of smaller slots studios.

That said, the typical online slot offers a maximum prize worth around 5,000x the stake. A max prize worth 10,000x your stake or higher is considered large by industry standards.

Cons to Play Games with 100K Max Payouts

The primary reason to play slots with maximum payouts worth 100k the stake is that you’ll have a chance at serious money. You may jump for playing these games due to this reason alone. However, you should also consider the downsides before playing such slots.

High Volatility

These slots are extremely volatile. They offer massive top prizes that are worth more than what almost any other slot offers. Therefore, online slots that deliver maximum prizes worth over 100k the stake feature high volatility. They must make up for the fact that they could deliver a huge payout at any moment.

You can check the volatility rating to find out for sure what you’re dealing with. Typically, though, the rating will be 10 out of 10 volatility. At the lowest, it’ll be rated at 9 out of 10, which is still quite unpredictable.

Harder to Maintain Your Bankroll

The tough thing about extreme volatility is that it makes bankroll management much harder. You may find yourself struggling to maintain an adequate bankroll. Volatile slots don’t usually pay much money in the short run. You may be on a slot with 96.5% RTP, but only be winning back 50% to 60% of your bets.

Maybe you have a huge bankroll and won’t be as affected by volatility associated with 100k-the-stake payouts. Provided you don’t have a huge bankroll, though, you’ll have more trouble maintaining your slots funds.

Not Available to All Players

More regulated online gaming markets exist now than at any other point. That said, developers can’t offer their mobile slots everywhere without gaining licensing in various countries.

The most-prominent slots developers are licensed in many jurisdictions. Even in these cases, though, they can’t be everywhere.

Therefore, some markets won’t have access to many, or even any, of the games covered here. They won’t be able to chase the associated 100k-the-stake prizes as a result.


Should you play mobile slots with huge top prizes? You can see that playing for bigger slots prizes isn’t entirely perfect. You’ll have to deal with serious volatility, bankroll management struggles, and low odds of winning big.

In some cases, you won’t even have to worry about these problems because you’ll be denied access to the associated slots. After all, developers aren’t licensed in every single jurisdiction. That said, you need to decide if chasing huge slots payouts overshadows the downsides. If so, then you should definitely consider seeking out these games.

Depending upon your personality, you may even embrace the wild volatility. You might appreciate the thrills of being able to win big in the bonus round—even when you fall short.

In summary, everything just depends upon what you’re looking to get out of online slots. Assuming you want more thrills and a chance at bigger payouts, then you should consider games with the largest jackpots.

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