March 14, 2024

Basketball Leagues You Can Bet On

Throughout the world, there are a few basketball leagues that can be bet on. Each of them varies in levels of popularity, skill, and playing style. Before you place a bet on any league you should consider these factors to help you make a fantastic bet.


The NBA is without question the biggest and most popular basketball league in the world. Therefore if you are a fan of basketball it is likely that you would want to bet on the NBA. With the NBA being so popular it is very easy to get your hands on vital statistics as well as follow the sport in general. The NBA basically has a monopoly on the basketball world as no other league can reasonably compete with the wages they can offer their elite players.

Regular Season

The regular season refers to the period of the season where teams are playing for points and each team is attempting to reach the playoffs. Due to the nature of a league format, it is important to remember that different factors can affect results such as a team already qualifying for the playoffs turning the game into a dead rubber for them.


The playoffs are a knockout round that includes the teams that have qualified throughout the various regions of the USA. All rounds are the best of seven meaning that it would be difficult to argue that the best team didn’t win after this amount of matches. It is important to not pay too much attention to form with these games as it is possible that teams have been reserving energy for the playoffs.


Founded in 1906, the National Collegiate Athletic Association is a nonprofit institution that hosts athletic programs for college athletes from over 1,200 institutions in North America. The NCAA organizes basketball, baseball, gymnastics, ice hockey, and golf among other sports for student-athletes. College sport is extremely popular in America and due to the fact that the league is supposed to aid an athlete’s development results are not always going to be the pure focus as they would with elite sport making this a difficult league to place bets on.

March Madness

March Madness is a basketball knockout tournament that consists of 68 college teams from the US. Four of these teams are eliminated after this first round, leaving 64 teams to compete in the first round. These teams will then play each other in a quickfire knockout competition. Founded in 1939 the UCLA Bruins have currently won the tournament the most with 11 titles to their name.

EuroLeague (Europe)

EuroLeague stands as a top-tier European basketball club that was founded in 2000. Since its establishment, Euro League has become the second wealthiest basketball league in the world. 21 clubs have won the Euro League title, showing that the league can be very open. Despite this Real Madrid has won the title 10 times.


EuroCup Basketball - Wikiwand

The EuroCup Basketball is a professional club competition established by the Euro league in 2002. About 11 clubs have won the Euro Cup title since its foundation, with Valencia Basket leading the way with 4 titles.

Lega Basket Serie A (Italy)

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A professional basketball league organized in 1920, and regulated by the Italian Basketball Federation, the Lega Basket Series A is the top-tier level in the Italian league system. It consists of 17 teams and follows similar regulations to FIBA rules.

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