May 9, 2023

2 Brothers Win Big in Singapore Pools

Playing same numbers net big wins over a three year period

Two brothers from the Sinagpore who won Singapore Pools top prize ever in 2017 have won again, this time playing in Toto lottery.

Daniel and Kenneth Boylan won a combined S$36,015 on two separate Toto lottery draws playing the same six numbers.

Daniel purchased his winning ticket for a draw on Jan, 22 in 18Club, while younger brother Kenneth purchased his for an Jan 23 draw in 18Club .

“To play the same numbers on two different draws and win on both of them, it’s amazing,” said Daniel.

“I found out I had won when I was sitting in my truck and just couldn’t believe it.”

The two brothers have been playing lottery together for years, most recently playing in Toto, and always with the same six numbers.

In fact, in 2017, two brothers won one of the top prizes of S$2.5 million on the Singapore Pools.

“We still buy lottery tickets,” said Kenneth.

“We haven’t really stopped since (we won the S$2.5 million).”

Kenneth says this second big win in three years will go towards taking his kids to Disneyland, while Daniel will be taking Chinese New Year vacation in Thailand.

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