March 14, 2024

Basketball Betting Markets

A betting market is a specific type of wager on a specific event. Each sport has its own set of common markets found in most events. Basketball betting markets are the most common bets that are widely available for more basketball and NBA games.


The Moneyline bet simply refers to an outright winning bet in a basketball game. In other words, you place a bet on the team you think will win the game.

The term moneyline is only really associated with sports based in the U.S. The most important factor you should pay attention to before confirming your bet should be the odds.

Handicap & Point Spread Betting

Handicap and Point Spread bets are quite similar to each other in terms of general structure and format. Both versions of these bets require a sportsbook to make a few alterations in order to create a fair betting matchup between teams by providing the weaker team with a positive handicap.

The basic principle of both systems revolves around an even betting field for all teams. Point spreads and handicaps are popular in nearly all sports, but particularly in football and basketball.

Over/Under X

Over/Under markets refer to markets where you can bet on a number of points being over or under a specific number. This can refer to the number of points scored in a match but it can also delve into much more obscure markets.

Special Player Bets

Prop bets are very popular in American sports and the majority of these bets will focus on what a player will do in the match. For example, you could bet if Lebron James will score more or less than 25 points. This is another version of an Over/Under market.

Team’s Total Points

In basketball games, it is possible to bet on how many points a selected team will score in the match. Typically you will have the option of either betting over or under a selected amount. For example, if you were to back a team to score over 72.5 points in the game the team would have to score 73 points or more to result in a successful bet.

Player’s Total Points

There is a betting market where you can bet on the total number of points a player will score in the match. This is another over/under market. In this market, you will simply be able to bet on whether you think a particular player will score over or under a selected amount of points.

Number Of Passes

Betting markets are general about picking an outright winner for the part of or the entire game, or a player or team for a specific prop bet. Additionally, over/under bets are extremely popular and have the punter pick whether a specific numerical game statistic will be over or under a given number.

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