February 7, 2024

Tips for Playing Sic Bo

Tips for Playing Sic Bo

Sic-Bo popularity is on the rise at casinos be it land based casino or at online casinos. With more and more online casinos offering Live Sic-Bo to its players the game is like by one and all to have a great experience playing with the same feel as in a land based casino. Also as Sic-Bo is the simple dice game easy to understand there are tips to apply different betting strategies adding more fun and excitement to the game play.

Apply the Even Money Bets

As the Sic-Bo house edge varies tips from 2.78% to 30% and a wide range of bets is included. Playing live dealer Sic-Bo and winning with some great handsome amount of money in wallet it is best to stick with the easiest even-money bets. The probability of winning the even-money bets is almost 50% minus the house edge. Also applying the best long-term strategy in winning live dealer Sic-Bo is to play with even money bets.

 The Best Sic Bo Odds does matter

You will find that all online casinos are not same with their payouts highly differ at the live dealer casino Sic-Bo tables. It is better to look for the best Sic-Bo payout odds table at the online casino. So that means search the online casinos and first find out which online casino offers good payouts.

Like you will find the biggest payout in Sic-Bo can be 180 to 1 at one live casino, but other casinos may offer it at odds of 150 to 1. This is a very big difference and can mean a much smaller payout and this aspect need not be neglected. Though the smaller bets, like the total bet or specific double bet vary just a little; like the specific double in the best case may be 62 to 1, but at worst only 60 to 1. Therefore it still means less money so best handy tip to look for best Sic-Bo odds when playing with live Sic-Bo dealer.

You should be conscious of your Totals Bets

Remember that the Sic-Bo odds are not the same for all totals bets. Like the bets placed on totals from 8 to 13 have a house edge of 12.50%, but the bets placed on totals from 7 to 14 have a house edge of 9.70%. So, your handy tip is to bet on totals from 7 to 14, right. This is considered as the wise strategy when playing Live Sic Bo.

Know that Betting Systems in Live Sic Bo do not work

It is for you to keep in mind that betting systems in Live Sic-Bo have never worked and never will, because if that had been the case then all the Sic-Bo players would have been millionaires. To be logic on this part in most of the casino games betting system does not work. So that means such systems cannot guarantee you profit, but they speak of one thing if you are a smart player that always use brain and wisdom will playing Sic-Bo.

Mix up your bets in Live Sic Bo

Sic-Bo like other casino games is a game of chance. So do not depend on one style and one strategy. The handy tip is to use strategic bets in Sic-Bo. Betting on Big or Small bets or other bets that pay 1 to 1 is the safest way of playing, but it is not that challenging and your excitement towards the game fades away within few hours.

Also if you wish to win some  large amount of money try to make several bets where not only even-money bets are included, but those that pay more. It will not only help you shield your potential risk of losing bets but also be safe with even money bets. So ,mixing up your bets can prove to be beneficial in Live Sic-Bo

These five handy tips will work amazingly at a Live dealer Sic-Bo table and you can see the results yourself once you start to keep these in mind and apply in your game of play.

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