January 30, 2023

Slots Hit Rates: How Important Are They?

Slot machines definitely don’t pay as frequently as the average casino game. You’ll win far more often with a game like blackjack or roulette versus slots. However, you don’t necessarily have to settle for wildly inconsistent results when playing slot machines. Instead, you simply need to know what to focus on to find games that pay more frequently.

Hit rate is the most important stat for determining how often you’ll win with a slot machine.

What Is a Slots Hit Rate?

Hit rate refers to the frequency at which you’ll win a prize of any type in a slots game. Even if a slot only pays 0.5x your stake for a particular round, that still counts as a hit.

Simply put, a higher win frequency means that you’ll be hauling in more payouts. A slot with a 30% hit rate, for example, will deliver a greater quantity of prizes than one with a 22% rate.

What is the Average Hit Rate?

The average win frequency for slot machines is somewhere between 25% to 27%. If you’re on a game that pays out around a quarter of the time, then you’re dealing with a common hit rate. Of course, some slots deliver prizes at a much higher or lower frequency. The most-volatile slots often have win frequency around 20% or lower. Meanwhile, less-volatile games can have a hit frequency of 35% or higher.

As I’ll explain later, a higher hit rate doesn’t always equate to lower volatility. generally speaking, though, it means that you can look forward to more-consistent wins. If you’re somebody who’s really bankroll conscious, then you’ll appreciate a steadier stream of payouts. You can better sustain your bankroll with more prizes coming in.

Where Do You Find Win Frequency ?

Developers list hits rates within the info screen. The info section is often marked with an “i” on the betting panel.

You simply select the “i” and scroll until reaching the game stats. Assuming the hit rate is available, then you’ll eventually find it here.

Not all slot machines offer a win frequency stat. You’ll have no idea how often you can expect to win in these cases. Therefore, you simply have to hope that the given developer lists a hit rate. You might even only stick with slots from developers that provide this information.

Why Is a Slots Hit Rate Important ?

Win frequency is important for a few different reasons. Below, you can see why you’ll want to pay attention to this stat when it’s available.

Shows How Frequently You’ll Win

With an even-money bet in American Roulette, you can expect to win 47.34% of the time on average. At this rate, you’re winning close to half of your wagers. Slot machines don’t pay at anywhere near this frequency. However, you can expect more-consistent wins by targeting higher hit rates.

I’ve played some slots that feature win frequencies that are over 35%. While this figure doesn’t quite equal American roulette, it’s not terrible in the overall scheme of gaming. In contrast, slots that only pay out around 20% of the time will keep you waiting on wins. You’ll suffer many empty, non-paying spins at this rate.

Helpful for Bankroll Management

You’ll have a hard time maintaining your bankroll if you can’t pick up consistent wins. That said, high hit frequency helps you better sustain your slots funds.

Of course, not all of the wins coming back to you will be worth more than your original stake. However, anything is better than nothing with slots payouts.

You won’t be at the mercy of volatility as much with higher win frequency. Instead, you’ll pick up more payouts and be able to play longer.

More Wins Are Exciting

If you keep spinning the reels and coming up empty, then you’re going to get bored quickly. That said, more-frequent wins keep the entertainment factor higher. Slots that pay at a 30% to 35% clip ensure that you’ll be collecting plenty of prizes. In turn, you’ll get to see more winning animations.

Contrast this to slots with lower win frequency. You might go for several spins or more without picking up a payout, which gets tiresome when it happens repeatedly.

Don’t Forget to Consider the Volatility Rating

Volatility can help you determine if a slot will deliver lots of losses disguised as wins. You simply need to measure the volatility against the hit rate.

Here’s a simple way to make this determination:

  • High Volatility + High Hit Rate = Lots of LDW’s
  • Low Volatility + High Hit Rate = More True Wins

Many developers list a volatility rating within the info section. This is especially true among online slots developers.

You can navigate towards the info screen to check out what kind of volatility you’re dealing with. Assuming a hit rate is also available, you can use the two stats together and figure out whether you’ll be getting more true wins or LDW’s.

Other Important Slots Stats to Consider

If you’ve read up to this point, you know why hit rates and volatility are important. You should also take the following numbers into account when trying to determine how often you’ll win.

Bonus Hit Rate

The hit rate is crucial for determining how frequently you’ll win overall. However, you might also want to know at what frequency you’ll trigger the bonus round. After all, the bonus round is where the biggest payouts await. Bonuses are also typically exciting and offer modifiers, such as expanding wilds and win multipliers.

Bonus hit rates are usually very low.

For example:
You might only trigger the bonus on 1 out of every 190 spins, which equates to a 0.52% hit rate. In contrast, any slot that delivers its bonus on 1% of spins or higher is generous.

Number of ways

Some modern slots boast an incredible number of ways to win. Megaways slots, for example, can feature 117,649 ways or more. I’ve even seen a slot that offers over 60 million ways to win! These numbers look impressive on paper. The reality, though, is that an insane number of wins doesn’t always result in much.

If you see that a slot with up to 117,649 ways has a 20% hit rate, then you’ll know that most of these ways are meaningless.

Furthermore, you won’t be enjoying 117,649 ways the entire time. Instead, Megaways slots offer a random number of winning ways that can be as low as 64 or 324.


Return to player (RTP) doesn’t have much impact on your short-term winnings. Instead, it measures how much you’ll win back with a slot over the long run.

Nevertheless, you should still keep payout percentages in mind. Assuming you keep playing games with high RTP, then you’ll eventually benefit in the form of more winnings.

The average online slot offers around 96% RTP. Provided you’re playing higher-paying games than this, then you’ll be doing better than the average player.


Win frequency is a crucial stat when you like to win often with slots. Higher hit rates ensure that you’ll collect more-frequent payouts.

Luckily, more and more developers are displaying hit rates. You can visit the relevant info screen to find the stats.

You should also take volatility into account too. High volatility combined with a high hit rate means that many of your wins won’t be real wins. Meanwhile, lower volatility combined with a high win frequency ensures that you’ll earn more true payouts.

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