January 30, 2023


If you want to be successful when betting on basketball matcher you should take advantage of all the information that is available to you. We live in an era where sporting data is becoming a central part of how many people analyze the games.

Therefore we can take advantage of this data and make our strategies, systems and decisions as informed as possible. Your own knowledge of the game will always be invaluable but using instinct alone would not be utilizing your full potential.

Study Basketball Statistics

Study basketball statistics that are relevant to the types of bets you like to place. If you only bet on the outcome of the match-winner then you would need to study all the stats that are likely to have an influence on the outcome of the match. While if you are betting on an over/under market you will need to look into more specific stats that center around a team’s scoring or defensive prowess.

Basketball-Reference and Basketball-Database are two great free resources for all the statistics you would need when you’re getting started with placing basketball bets.

Reverse-line Movements

Reverse line movement is a fancy term for trying to look for anomalies in the market where the Sportsbook is moving the line in the opposite direction of what you should. In other words, the bookies make a mistake and betters try to take advantage of this.

Find Value Bets

Value bets are what every sports better in the world should be looking for. The concept of a value bet is pretty simple. A good value bet would be when you believe that the odds are in your favor. For example, if you were to place a bet on a basketball team to win at odds of 4/1 then you would break even if the team won this game every 1 in 4 times. Therefore if you think this team are likely to win this game more than this then you would be betting with odds that represent good value. Making your bey a value bet.

Place Bets on Underdogs

The best value can often be found when betting on the underdogs for a game. If you do sufficient research and have high knowledge of the game you might be able to find odds that represent great value. On-exchange sites for example the price for outsiders can be very high and with calculated decisions, you could bet with odds that represent great value.

Make Use of Arbitrage Odds When Available

Arbitrage is a type of betting that can be taken advantage of when markets allow. This involves the process of betting on the opposing outcomes on two different sites to lock in a guaranteed profit. The odds will have to be as such where you can bet on both outcomes to occur and make a profit regardless of the final result.

Never Ignore defensive Statistics

A teams defensive statistics are just as likely to have a bearing on the match then attacking statistics are. This is purely because these stats are likely to give an indication of how well they will defend it the game.

Avoid Accumulators and Parlay Betting

Accumulator and Parlay betting is something in which serious gamblers tend not to get involved in. It is difficult to have an efficient system with such betting types and the chances of winning these types of bets are unlikely as you need to rely on the result of multiple outcomes. These types of bets are great for recreational players as they offer the chance to make a huge amount of money from a minimal stake but this is merely an illusion as the number of success stories is very few.

Don’t Bet More Just Because It’s A Big Game

When big games come around the betting markets naturally see a lot more action. As serious gamblers, we should avoid falling into this trap. If we practice good bankroll management we shall never bet more than the system allows us, this strategy will not care for the status of the game.

Profit A Little Bit, But Often

Often, the best betting systems are conservative ones. To follow these betting systems you will need to have good discipline as you will have to accept the limitations the systems allow. If you wanted to get rich quickly from betting the risk you would have to take when betting would have to be astronomical.

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