March 14, 2024

Football Terminology used for Football Betting

Understanding of football terminology, football betting is becoming easier to access. Understanding of Football Betting Malaysia from outsiders who are not familiar with this industry tends to think that it is not complicated.

But there are still have other terminology, so that newbie players should spend a lot of time to studies it than betting will get to be much easier. In this article would teach you football terminology to help you easier to bet football on 18ClubSG. By returning only in this type of betting game. There is not much time to understand 10 minutes, the player can actually enter the field. The terminology that we will talk about is as follows.

Football terms commonly used in online betting

  1. Handicap means betting to place a ball with the odds. Which will have the next team and the secondary team, betting, football, formulas, making money, roulette, walking money, 8 steps.
  2. Under or Over-Under means betting to predict the total score. Whether to come out as high or low.
  3. Odd / Even. Oddly means the total score. Whether to come out even or odd numbers.
  4. Half time /full-time FH / FT means 45 minutes half-time betting or 90 minutes of full-time betting.
  5. Money line ML means betting to predict the outcome of a match, 1 x 2, in which one means that the home team wins. X means draw. 2 means the away team wins.
  6. Early Market is pre-betting. By choosing to bet on the team that will compete tomorrow Or the next day.
  7. Total Goal or GL means the total number of goals scored in a match. If matched with the bet, then receive large prize money immediately If not correct then lose the bet.
  8. Double chance is a 2-ball bet with two options. 1x = Home win or Draw 1 2 = Home win away team Win x 2 = Draw result and Away win.
  9. First Goal / Last Goal or FG / LG is the determine which team will score the first goal, last goal or no goal at all.
  10. Outright is the prediction of which team will win the tournament.

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