November 11, 2021

Warning About Fake Online Casino Scams in Singapore

Fake online casino scams in Singapore are giving the industry a bad name. People in the country saw advertisements, apparently via dating app sites, that would lead them to a fake online casino agent.

These scammers would then ask casino players to deposit into a bank account in the same way most honest online casino agents would ask. However, rather than the deposits making their way to an online casino account, the scammer’s intentions were to keep the money.

The scam involves a message claiming the would-be casino player’s account is frozen and to make another deposit to unfreeze the account. However, the player was then cut off from any contact and the money lost. Right now, over SG$12 million is missing with numerous other cases not reported. The scams will continue, and it is wise to only use trusted online casino agents only.

Although tens of thousands of Singaporeans gamble at online casinos using mobile apps on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, and the total number of scams sits at just over 350 according to this report.

Important: It is Not the Casinos Carrying Out The Scams

In Singapore there are more than 15 reputable mobile casinos platforms. However, the platforms do not interact directly with Singapore citizens. Instead, these platforms use casino affiliate systems which requires a casino agent to handle deposits and withdrawals to the casinos. Most of these casino agents are honest and have exceptionally good reputations.

It is at the point of the casino agent where the scam takes place. These fraudsters are pretending that they are casino agents, but instead of making the deposits and giving players a casino login and password, they are keeping the cash for themselves.

Therefore the casinos play absolutely no part in these scams, and it is damaging them just as much as the players being scammed out of their hard-earned cash.

How To Avoid Fake Online Casino Scams ?

First you need to know how to spot these fraudsters. The people operating the scam use websites that look just like a legitimate online casino website with the names of real and well-known slots, the names of popular and reputable mobile casino, such as the ones you see reviewed on our home page. They have a live chat, email, and are exceedingly difficult to spot!

Here are the issues in a list:

  • These fraudsters use websites that look like any other online casino website
  • The mobile casinos listed on these sites are real casinos
  • The sites advertise real and popular online video slots

Here’s how to spot an issue:

  • These sites have extraordinarily little content on them (low investment)
  • Fake websites do not have an advanced backend system to logon to
  • They offer casino bonuses that are too good to be true
  • They Advertise through dating websites and illegitimate websites
  • They do not show up in top spots on search engines
  • They ask for high minimum deposits to increase the scam profits

Looking for a reliable company ?

Contact our team here at 18ClubSG on our live chat and you will 100% avoid fake online casino scams. 18ClubSG is an online entertainment hub that gives the best casino gaming products to the customers around the Asia Pacific region which includes Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. You can find online casinos easily with a simple search on Google, but the good ones are not that easy to find. With regards to this, we are confident that 18ClubSG is one of those good ones in the gambling industry.

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