December 24, 2021

How to play Dragon Tiger online ?

This is one of the popular live casino table games. There are two major types of bets in this game- the Dragon and the tiger. The bet with the higher value wins the round. There are also other minor bets, including bets on a Tie.

Types of bets in Dragon Tiger

Main Bets

The Tiger: The bets placed on the Tiger side of the table win if the Tiger has a higher value.
The Dragon: The player who bets on the Dragon win if it has a higher value in a round.
Tie: Players can also bet on a Tie, in which they will win only if a round ends in a tie.

Side Bets

There are also some minor bets which you can place on a Dragon Tiger table.
Odd/Even: The player can also bet on either odd or even but not on both. In this, the player makes a guess whether a specific card will be odd or even.
Suits: In this type, the player can bet on any of the four suits – club, spade, heart, and diamond. A player can at a time bet on maximum three suits and not on all four. If the suit guessed by a player appears, he wins three times his bet amount.

However, if a card of 7 is drawn on a side bet, the player will lose all the side bets.

Because Dragon Tiger is such a simple game, there’s not a great detail of complex strategy behind it. This can be quite refreshing for players, as you don’t need to overthink things while playing. But there are a few things you can take into consideration when it comes to Dragon Tiger strategy:

No Ties Allowed

We can’t emphasize this enough – don’t bet on Tie! It’s tempting to mix things up now and then by sticking some chips on Tie and hoping for the best, as you’ll get up to 11 times your stake in profit. But the house edge is a massive 32.77%. You might get lucky, however the odds are heavily in the casino’s favour every time you bet on the Tie in Dragon Tiger.

Get counting

Much like when you’re playing live blackjack, card counting can come into play in Dragon Tiger. Counting how many cards of 8 or above is a good way to start, and you can then bet on Big or Small accordingly. Or you could take note of how many 7s have come out of the deck, to determine whether you should avoid Big or Small bets altogether.

Live Dragon Tiger is perfect for Counting Cards

The very simplicity of the game and the fact that very little cards are dealt with each deal makes it even easier to count the cards and keep track how many small or how many big cards have been dealt etc. Most important, you can keep track how many 7s have been dealt, because no matter what bet you make, if a 7 is drawn, you lose your bet.

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