November 7, 2023

How to Get Rid of Fake Slots Streamers Once and for All ?

Slot streaming used to be an enjoyable way to watch streamers play the latest games and occasionally hits big wins. Unfortunately, it has developed into something entirely different these days.

Some of the most popular Twitch streamers use questionable means to win jackpots. They make huge bets for hours on end and/or use feature buy (a.k.a bonus buy) exessively.

The same Twitch personalities are essentially frauds and fakes because they don’t even use real money. Instead, they receive funds from a sponsoring online casino. They’ll then act like they’re betting real money the whole time.

Obviously nobody wants to follow bunch of fake streamers. What that said, let’s discuss ways that the gaming community can finally get rid of them once and for all.

Why Do Some Slots Streamers Pose a Problem?

Streamers aren’t just making themselves look like fools when playing slots games with fake funds. Instead, they’re also causing the following problems in the gaming world.

They Bet Unrealistic Amounts

No slot streamer is going to draw an audience when betting $0.10 per spin. Anybody can wager this amount. On the other hand, some streamers go entirely too far. They wager up to $100 per spin for lengthy time periods.

Maybe some multimillionaire high rollers are able to do this. However, these Twitch streamer legitimately wagers $100 or eve $50, throughout an entire session

Here’s an example to illustrate how ridiculous this idea is for somebody who streams 10 hours per week:

  • A streamer plays a slot with a 3.8% house edge (96.2% RTP)
  • They bet $100 per spin
  • They average 400 spins per hour
  • 400 x 100 x 0.038 = $1,520 in theoretical hourly losses
  • 1,520 x 10 hours per week = $15,200 in theoretical weekly losses
  • 15,200 x 52 weeks = $790,400 in theoretical annual losses

Certain Streamers Use Bonus Buy Too Much

In the same vein as placing unrealistic bets, certain Twitch personalities also use bonus buy over and over.

As you may know, feature buy requires risking a multiple of your stake. In return, you’ll automatically trigger free spins, or whatever the bonus may be. Feature buy is an interesting option to use once in a while. However, I emphasize the “once in a while” aspect.

This option is incredibly expensive. Even if you’re wagering as little as $0.50 per spin, you’ll need to risk a sizable amount to trigger the bonus

Of course, feature buy is great when it works in your favor. It can just as easily, though, result in underwhelming bonus payout. Here’s an example on how expensive bonus buy can be:

  • A streamer uses 100 feature buys per hour
  • The bonus round carries a 3.0% house edge (97.0% RTP)
  • The streamer bets $100 per round
  • Feature buy costs 80x the stake
  • 100 x 80 = $8,000 per bonus buy
  • 8,000 x 100 = $800,000 wagered per hour
  • 800,000 x 0.03 = $24,000 in theoretical hourly losses
  • 24,000 x 10 weekly streaming hours = $240,000 in theoretical weekly losses
  • 240,000 x 52 weeks = $12,480,000 in theoretical annual losses

They Use Fake Balances

Perhaps I could forgive streaming reckless gambling to a degree if the streamers actually had something at stake. In reality, certain Twitch personalities receive funds directly from casino sponsors.

For example, a real money online casino that’s sponsoring them will provide an extra-large amount of funds. This way, the streamer isn’t actually risking anything when placing $100 wagers or repeatedly using feature buy.

Online Slots

Or, they might just use play-money bankrolls. Either way, viewers are fooled into thinking they too can win huge jackpots just by placing massive bets.

Of course, most audiences aren’t foolish enough to place $50 or $100 wagers again and again. They might, however, be motivated to bet beyond their means (e.g. $5 or $10 per spin)

What Must Happen to Rid the World of Fake Streamers

The scam artists who’ve infiltrated the slot streaming industry aren’t going away voluntarily. After all, they’re making too much money.

Instead, the gaming community must band together and help get rid of them. Below, you can see suggestions for running these scammers off once and for all.

Awareness of the Situation

One of the biggest problems with fake slots streaming is that not everybody knows it’s fake. They think that they’re watching streamers gamble real money and taking real risks.

Of course, the prizes that streamers win do actually occur. It’s not entirely impossible to win $100,000, $200,000, or more when placing fake $100 bets.

If everybody knew what they were viewing was a façade, then a lot fewer people would be watching. Raising awareness is the first step to getting players to tune out of these Twitch channels.

Know the Offending Parties

An easy method to take on the worst Twitch streamers is to simply identify them. I discussed three of the most questionable channels earlier.

However, these channels are only the beginning of the problem. They’ve helped create a trend where streamers must win bigger than ever to draw audiences.

The simplest way to win big is by placing huge fake wagers. Streamers can do this when receiving sponsorship deals from shady online casinos. The latter will supply a streamer with phony funds so that it looks like people are winning big at their sites.

More Regulation

Many countries heavily regulate both land-based and online gaming. They want to ensure that their citizens aren’t being taken advantage of. Fake slots streaming is the epitome of conning gamblers. It tricks people into thinking their chances of winning big are better than they are.

Luckily, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is leading the way on regulation in this area. It’s currently discussing stricter laws regarding sponsorships of live streamers.

The Swedish Gambling Authority is also looking into this matter. Ardalan Shekarabi, Minister for Consumer Affairs, wants the gaming industry to do a better job of self-regulating its advertising methods.

More Outcry From Players

Not everything should be up to the gamblers regarding phony streaming. However, players still should care to some degree because they’re the ones being targeted.

Again, an unsavory mobile casino will supply a sponsored streamer on Twitch with funds. The Twitch personality then pretends like they are risking their own money while hunting for bonuses.

Meanwhile, certain players get duped into thinking that $100 wagers or feature buys are the answer. In reality, such risky betting behavior leads to insane volatility and potential ruin.


Many are becoming wise to how some steamers don’t really use their money to play slots. Instead, they’re receiving funds from online casinos and pretending that they are assuming major risk.

This practice isn’t acceptable by any means. Luckily, certain gaming authorities are beginning to crack down on this type of advertising.

Even still, these streamers can post huge fake wins at unregulated casinos. Players need to stay on their toes as a result.

The key is to aware of the situation and know who the most questionable streamers are. In this manner, gamblers can avoid their channels and not be tricked by reckless betting behaviors.

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