November 7, 2023

Avoid these Sportsbook Betting Mistakes !

No one likes to make mistakes, especially when those mistakes cost them money. However, common mistakes are easy to prevent. Sports betting is not an easy industry to be consistently successful. There is a reason why sportsbooks claim hundreds of millions of dollars in profits each year. However, you can optimize your chances for success by learning the most common sports betting mistakes and making sure you avoid them entirely.

Ignoring Good Bankroll Management

We’re starting with this mistake because it’s probably the most common mistake made by sports bettors. It also has the potential to cause more damage than all the other mistakes listed on this page combined. Thankfully, it’s also one of the easiest mistakes to avoid. All you need to do is learn about bankroll management. 

Firstly, you have to set a budget for how much you’re going to spend on your betting. Next is to define some rules for how much you’ll stake on any given wager. This requires some discipline, so it’s important to exercise self-control. The benefits of proper bankroll management are invaluable, but only if you’re actually committed to a staking plan.

Placing too many wagers

Sports betting is typically a game of small edges. Sure, occasionally we’ll find situations where we are gaining a large edge on certain sportsbooks, but for the most part, it’s about finding inefficient markets and attacking them. There are going to be nights where bettors have a wealth of plays available at their disposal, but betting games for the sake of simply “getting action” is going to cost players big in the long haul.

Betting on an Unsafe Betting Site

We’ve lost count over the years of all the folks that we’ve heard from that had a horror story experience when betting on an online sportsbook that was untrustworthy. In most of these cases, they ended up betting on a sports betting site without having done any research on it. This is a terrible mistake to make.

Letting Your Emotions Take Over

We’ve all been there at some point when our emotions have taken over common sense. In some cases, it’s hard to bet against your home team even when they are a huge underdog. However, sometimes, that’s exactly what you need to do. If you ever find yourself letting emotions take over, you should pause your sports betting to allow yourself to reset.

If you’re betting on a team just because you love them or betting against one because you hate them, you’re doing it wrong. Take a step back, look at the statistics, and make a calculated bet to help you have a higher chance of winning the wager.

Forgetting to Cash Out

Regardless of whether you bet for fun or profit, it’s important to cash out after an especially good win or a long run of wins. You can use some of the proceeds to build up your bankroll, but it’s nice to actually see the fruits of your labor sometimes!

Betting When Drunk

Do we really need to explain why this is a bad idea? Alcohol clouds judgement, and clouded judgment invariably leads to losing money when betting.

We hope that this page dedicated to common sports betting mistakes will help you avoid making them in the future. By avoiding these common errors, you’ll be more likely to make winning bets in your sports betting career. We appreciate you checking out our page, and don’t forget to bet and support your favourite team at 18Club now. We wish you the best of luck in all of your future sports betting wagers.

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